Lomma Hårdkrom is one of the leading hard chrome platers in Scandinavia. We can offer top quality hard-chrome surface treatment of new and used parts up to 13 meters weighing up to 10 tons.

Our core business is hard chrome plating. We can also offer turning, grinding and polishing as part of a surfaces treatment process.

We are situated in Lomma in the souther part of Sweden, close to the freeway, about 40 min north of Öresundsbron.

With todays high demands on quality and document control we are working according to ISO 9001:2008 since 2011 with a fully automated production and customer reporting system accessed by smart-devices developed by lhk.se. Lomma Hårdkrom is classified as a Seveso, upper tier, establishment.

Lomma Hårdkrom was established in Lomma 1948 by Gustaf Ericson. Hard chrome plating has always been part of the companies core business. For a period of time the company produced rolls and piston rods. At the most there were close to 40 employees.

In 1992 Guttorm J. Olsen took over controll of the company. Guttorm started his first plating company in 1970 being one of few pioneers in the industry of chrome plating. He then provided the expertise and technology to meet the challenges for the company. Equipment suited for the future production was retained and some rare machine for special jobs where kept and are still today operative.

Over the years the factory has evolved to its present state with approximately 2700 square meters of production facilities with its highly customized machinepark. After sucessfull years of serving our customers it was again fit to upgrade the heart of our company. In 2006-2008 the electrolytical plating line was fully upgraded with new plating tanks and ventilation according to best available technique, synchronized cranes and new belt grinding machines. Ready for tomorrows needs.

In 2011 Guttorm A. Olsen took over the company from his father introducing the long needed digitalization which he already started materializing joining the company in 2006. Now we are prepared for years to come with a fully automated production and customer reporting system accessed by smart-devices and developed by lhk.se